Malta International Airport: How to Get to City Centre from Airport

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Malta airport

When embarking on a journey to Malta, your first point of contact is the Ajruport Internazzjonali ta’ Malta, commonly known as Malta International Airport. This modern and bustling airport serves as the primary gateway to this captivating Mediterranean island. Whether you are arriving to explore its historical wonders or departing after experiencing its beauty, the airport ensures a smooth transition for travellers.

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Malta International Airport
The Malta International Airport is equipped with two parallel runways and has a single terminal building.

Ajruport Internazzjonali ta’ Malta is the only airport in Malta. It is located in Luqa, a town in the central part of the island.

The Layout Map of Malta International Airport

This airport map is from loungeindex

The Malta International Airport boasts a well-designed infrastructure featuring two parallel runways that efficiently accommodate incoming and outgoing flights. Its single terminal building is thoughtfully organised to streamline the flow of passengers, providing a seamless experience from arrival to departure. This layout ensures that travellers can navigate the airport with ease, whether they are embarking on their adventure or bidding farewell to the island.

Navigating the Airport: From Arrival to Departure

Upon arrival, you’ll find yourself in the airport’s well-organized and spacious arrival hall. As you step off the plane, you’ll proceed through passport control and into the baggage reclaim area, where you can retrieve your belongings. The airport staff is readily available to assist and guide you through the necessary procedures.

After entering from passport control, the first thing you will notice is the small design of the aquarium tanks added by the Malta National Aquarium.
Walking further ahead leads you to the baggage claim area, which is not very spacious, encompassing around 4 to 5 baggage carousels.
There is also a small duty-free shop here.
At the Welcomers’ Hall, you will find several shops. Also here, is where you can get tickets and information of Malta Public Transport.
The car rental companies at Malta Airport are located in another building, requiring you to exit the main terminal. There are clear signs within the airport guiding you to this location.

The departure hall of Malta Airport is not particularly large, with all check-in counters arranged in a linear layout. Within the hall, there are several ticket counters for various airlines, a duty-free shop, and several cafes and fast-food outlets. After completing the check-in process, passengers ascend to the upper floor for security screening (Malta Airport’s security measures are quite stringent) and then proceed to the departure lounge.

Check-in counters in a single-linear layout.
The elevator on the right side of the picture leads to the security checkpoint.
Shops in the Departure Hall
Departure Lounge: All the boarding gates are located here.

Facilities and Services to Enhance Airport Experience

Describing Malta International Airport as “small but well-equipped” would not be an exaggeration. It’s highly practical, encompassing a range of essential airport services that travellers may need. Here are a few highlighted services available at the airport.

Luggage Deposit Service

Location: Near the check-in counters, close to the customer service and information desk.
Opening Hours: 24 hours.
Charges: As follows.

Observation Deck

The Observation Deck, situated on the third floor of the Terminal, offers visitors a stunning vantage point of the runways and aprons, providing an opportunity to witness thrilling take-offs and landings against the backdrop of Malta’s skyline.

Photo credit: Malta International Airport

Getting to the City Centre

Upon landing at the Ajruport Internazzjonali ta’ Malta, you’ll find various transportation options to reach the city centre. The airport is well-connected by public buses, offering a cost-effective means of transportation.

Bus Services

The bus service can be generally divided into four routes: X1, X2, X3, and X4.

  • X1: Airport – Ċirkewwa (Click here for timetable)
    This route is suitable for travellers heading to Mellieha and the Ċirkewwa ferry terminal (to Gozo and Comino).
  • X2: Airport – San Giljan (Click here for timetable)
    This route is suitable for travellers heading to Sliema and St Julian’s.
  • X3: Airport – Bugibba (Click here for timetable)
    This route is suitable for travellers heading to Mdina and Bugibba.
  • X4: Airport – Birzebbuga (Click here for timetable)
    This route is suitable for travellers heading to Valletta and Birzebbuga.
Malta Airport: Public Transport Map by Malta International Airport

To purchase tickets:
› Malta Public Transport information and ticket office in the Welcomers’ Hall, as well as WHSmith (specific operating hours)
› Self-service ticket machines outside the Malta Public Transport information and ticket office (available 24/7)
› Next to the bus stop outside the airport (available 24/7)
› Purchasing tickets directly from the bus driver

Taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available, providing a more direct and personalised journey to your accommodation. Based on the distance to the destination, the prepaid fares are fixed (ranging between €15-50). Additionally, tourists can also book taxi services through the Malta Taxi app. Download the app from Google Play and App Store.

For those who prefer the freedom of driving, car rental services are conveniently located within the airport (in another building linked to main terminal). This option grants you the flexibility to explore Malta at your own pace, with the added convenience of having your own vehicle throughout your stay. You can pre-book a car rental online. The journey to the city centre takes about 15 minutes.

› You can read more about Driving in Malta on our website via this link.
› If you’d like to hire a car, be sure to compare car rental prices via to get the best deals.


In conclusion, the Ajruport Internazzjonali ta’ Malta is not just an airport; it’s your first and last impression of this enchanting island. With its modern facilities, efficient services, and seamless connectivity to the city centre, the airport ensures that your journey to and from Malta is both comfortable and memorable.

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