Selangor Travel Guide: All You Need To Know Before A Trip To Selangor

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Selangor is the most developed and industrialised state in Malaysia. It has a diverse landscape, including urban centres, industrial zones, agricultural areas, and forested regions. With a high level of urbanisation, Selangor is one of the most densely populated states in Malaysia.

The population is ethnically diverse, consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other ethnic groups. Selangor has several attractions for visitors, including historical sites, cultural landmarks, nature reserves, theme parks, and shopping destinations.

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Where is Selangor

Selangor is a state in Malaysia, located on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It surrounds the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, and together with the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, forms the Klang Valley, which is the country’s most populous urban area.

When To Visit Selangor

The dry season in Selangor typically occurs between May and September. During this period, you can expect less rainfall and more sunny days, making it a popular time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

The northeast monsoon season can bring heavy rainfall to the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, including Selangor, from October to March. While some travellers might not mind occasional rain, if you prefer to avoid wet weather, it’s best to plan your visit during the dry season.

Overall, the months from May to September are generally considered the best time to visit Selangor due to the drier weather and more predictable conditions. However, it’s essential to check weather forecasts and plan your activities accordingly, as tropical weather can be unpredictable, and brief showers can occur even during the dry season.

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How to Get to Selangor

By Plane:

The most convenient way to get to Selangor is by flying to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or KLIA2. KLIA is the main international airport in Malaysia, serving numerous airlines from around the world. KLIA2 is a terminal dedicated to budget airlines. Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi, airport shuttle, or public transportation to various destinations in Selangor.

By Train:

If you are coming from another part of Malaysia, you can take a KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) train to Kuala Lumpur. The main railway station in Kuala Lumpur is KL Sentral, which is well-connected to various cities within Peninsular Malaysia. From KL Sentral, you can take local trains or other modes of transportation to different areas in Selangor.

› For more information, or to check a train timetable, please visit KTMB website.
› To purchase ticket online, you can purchase your ticket via official website.

By Bus:

Long-distance buses operate from various cities and towns in Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur. The main bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur is Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). From there, you can take a taxi or local transportation to your desired location within Selangor.

› To check on schedule and purchase ticket online, you can purchase your ticket here.

By Car:

If you prefer driving, you can rent a car or use your own vehicle to travel to Selangor. The North-South Expressway (NSE) is the main highway that connects major cities in Peninsular Malaysia, including Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

› If you’d like to hire a car, be sure to compare car rental prices via to get the best deals.

Top Attractions in Selangor

Batu Caves

Batu Caves, a prominent Hindu pilgrimage site in Malaysia, is a magnificent limestone cave temple complex. It features a towering golden statue of Lord Murugan and a steep flight of 272 steps leading to the main cave temple. Inside, visitors can explore the stunning caverns adorned with colourful shrines and intricate sculptures. The annual Thaipusam festival draws devotees and tourists to witness the vibrant religious celebrations.

Photo by Malaysia Truly Asia

Tourist Information
› Address: Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor (Google Maps)

Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor (Sasaran Beach)

Sky Mirror, located in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia, is a fascinating natural wonder where sandbars emerge during low tides, creating mirror-like reflections on the beach. This optical illusion occurs during the new moon and full moon phases. Tourists take boat rides to the sandbars and capture stunning photos with the sky seemingly merging with the ground. The attraction also offers insights into the local marine ecosystem, featuring marine life like crabs and starfish. Sky Mirror is an eco-friendly destination, promoting the preservation of its delicate environment and providing a memorable experience for visitors. The sandbank is only visible in the mornings (around 8.00am onwards till noon) on certain days of the month

Sky Mirror selangor travel guide
Photo by

Tourist Information
› Address: No.10 Jalan Feri Lama,Bagan Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor.Selangor (Google Maps)
› Opening hours: Monday – Friday : 3.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday : 11 a.m – 10.00 p.m
› Contact: +016-223 4788
› Sky Mirror Tickets: Click here for more details

Kuala Selangor Fireflies

Kuala Selangor Fireflies is a captivating attraction in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia, where visitors can witness the magical display of thousands of fireflies illuminating the mangrove trees along the riverbanks. The evening boat tour takes guests through the serene river, offering a mesmerising spectacle of twinkling lights. The fireflies synchronise their light patterns, creating an enchanting experience that feels straight out of a fairy tale. This natural phenomenon is a must-see for nature enthusiasts, providing a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of these luminous insects amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Kuala Selangor fireflies
Photo by

Tourist Information
› Address: No.10 Jalan Feri Lama,Bagan Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor.Selangor (Google Maps)
› Opening hours: Monday – Friday : 3.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday : 11 a.m – 10.00 p.m
› Contact: +016-223 4788
› Sky Mirror Tickets: Click here for more details

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque (Blue Mosque)

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque, is an iconic landmark in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This majestic mosque boasts striking blue domes and elegant Islamic architecture. Completed in 1988, it can accommodate up to 24,000 worshippers. The grand prayer hall is adorned with intricately designed carpets and stunning chandeliers. The mosque’s spacious courtyard and beautiful gardens create a serene atmosphere. It serves as the state mosque of Selangor and remains an essential religious and cultural site, attracting visitors from around the world to admire its exquisite beauty and spiritual significance.

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque (Blue Mosque)
Photo by

Tourist Information
› Address: Persiaran Masjid St., Sekysen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor (Google Maps)
› Opening hours: Monday – Thursday : 8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. 2.00 p.m – 5.00 p.m Saturday and Sunday : Close
› Contact: 03-5523 8006
› Admission: Free

FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is a renowned research institution and nature reserve situated in Kepong, Selangor. Established in 1929, FRIM encompasses vast tropical rainforests, making it a significant biodiversity hotspot. It serves as a hub for various research projects, promoting environmental conservation and sustainable practices. The institute offers visitors an opportunity to explore the lush greenery through guided jungle treks and canopy walks, providing a deeper understanding of Malaysia’s rich flora and fauna. FRIM’s tranquil setting and educational activities make it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking to connect with the natural world.

Frim Skywalk
Photo by Harian Metro

Tourist Information
› Address: FRIM Visitor Information Centre (VIC) FRIM, 52109 Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia (Google Maps)
› Opening hours:
FRIM Office hours: Monday – Friday : 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Kepong Botanic Gardens: Monday – Thursday : 7.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. Weekend and public holidays : 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Forest Skywalk: Saturday – Thursday : 8.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. Friday – Sunday : 8:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
› Contact: +603-6279 7000
› Website:
› Forest Skywalk Tickets: click here for more details

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon is a renowned theme park located in Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia. It encompasses six distinct zones, each offering a unique experience for visitors of all ages. From the thrilling water rides in the Water Park to the adrenaline-pumping rides in the Amusement Park, there’s something for everyone. The Wildlife Park showcases various animals, while the Scream Park offers frightful encounters. Additionally, the Extreme Park caters to adventure seekers with activities like bungee jumping and go-karting. Sunway Lagoon’s diverse attractions, coupled with its convenient location, make it a top-notch entertainment destination for both locals and international travellers.

sunway lagoon
Photo by

Tourist Information
› Address: 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. (Google Maps)
› Opening hours:
Theme Park : Wednesday – Monday : 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Night Park : Wednesday – Monday : 6.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.
Closed every Tuesday, except on Malaysian School & Public holidays
› Contact: +016-223 4788
› If you’d like to purchase the ticket, you can compare the package here

Taman Botani Garden Shah Alam

Taman Botani, also known as the Botanic Garden, is a vast green oasis located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Spanning over 1,295 acres, this garden is a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility. It features a diverse collection of flora, including exotic plants, tropical trees, and vibrant flowers. Visitors can explore themed gardens, such as the cactus garden and the orchid garden, providing a delightful visual treat. The park also offers recreational activities like cycling, jogging, and picnicking, making it a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts to connect with nature.

taman botani garden shah alam
Photo by

Tourist Information
› Address: Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan (Google Maps)
› Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday : 7.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Closed every Monday, except on Malaysian School & Public holidays
› Contact:  03-5510 6922 / 23
› Website: Taman Botani Garden
› Ticket: Adult RM3.00, Children/Senior Citizen RM1.00

Paya Indah Wetland

Paya Indah Wetland, situated in Dengkil, Selangor, is a captivating wildlife sanctuary and wetland reserve in Malaysia. Covering approximately 3,100 acres, it houses a diverse array of flora and fauna, including numerous bird species, reptiles, and mammals. The wetland offers a perfect habitat for migratory birds during certain seasons, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Visitors can explore the park through guided boat rides, nature trails, and observation towers, providing unique opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural habitat and appreciate the beauty of this ecologically important wetland reserve.

Paya Indah Wetland
Photo by

Tourist Information
› Address: KM 4, Jalan Dengkil, Banting, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor (Google Maps)
› Opening hours: Monday – Sunday : 7.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. Friday : 7.30 a.m – 12.00 p.m, 2.45 p.m – 7.00 p.m
› Contact:  03-8768 7616/8726
› Ticket/Fee: Free

 Klang Kwan Imm Temple

The Klang Kwan Imm Temple, located in Klang, Selangor, is a significant religious and cultural landmark in Malaysia. This beautiful Buddhist temple is dedicated to Kwan Yin (Guan Yin), the goddess of mercy and compassion. Adorned with intricate Chinese architectural details, the temple exudes a sense of serenity and spiritual tranquility. Inside, visitors can find stunning statues, intricate carvings, and elaborate murals depicting Buddhist teachings. The temple serves as a place of worship and pilgrimage for Buddhists and welcomes visitors of all backgrounds to admire its beauty and experience its peaceful ambiance.

Kwam Inn Temple Klang
Photo by mydetravel

Tourist Information
› Address: 30, Jalan Raya Barat, Selangor Darul Ehsan, 41000 Klang, Selangor (Google Maps)
› Opening hours: Monday – Sunday : 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
› Contact:  0163316989
› Ticket/Fee: Free Admission


Sekinchan, a charming coastal town in Selangor, Malaysia, is a picturesque gem known for its stunning paddy fields and beautiful landscapes. The town’s lush green rice paddies stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a scenic countryside vista that attracts photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. Beyond the paddy fields, Sekinchan offers idyllic fishing villages, fresh seafood, and a serene coastal ambiance. Visitors can explore the local fishing industry, indulge in delicious seafood dishes, and soak in the laid-back atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for a relaxing and memorable getaway.

Sekinchan padi field
Photo by lifestyleasia

Tourist Information
› Lot No, Ban 2, 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor (Google Maps)

The Most Notable Annual Events in Selangor

Selangor hosts several notable annual events that celebrate its culture, traditions, and diverse communities. Some of the most prominent events celebrate in Selangor

Thaipusam Festival

Thaipusam Festival in Selangor is an extraordinary Hindu event celebrated at Batu Caves. This grand festival honours Lord Murugan, attracting thousands of devotees dressed in colourful attire. They carry kavadis, intricate metal structures, on a pilgrimage to seek blessings and fulfil vows. The atmosphere pulsates with spiritual fervor as devotees engage in acts of self-mortification as acts of penance and devotion. The sight of devotees carrying kavadis and piercing their bodies with hooks and spears is both awe-inspiring and humbling. Thaipusam Festival embodies the profound faith and cultural heritage of the Hindu community in Selangor.

batu caves thaipusam lord murugan
Photo by

The Selangor International Indigenous Arts Festival (SIIAF)

The Selangor International Indigenous Arts Festival (SIIAF) is a captivating annual event that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia’s indigenous communities. Held in Selangor, the festival features mesmerising performances of traditional dances, music, crafts, and rituals. Visitors are treated to an immersive experience, gaining insights into the customs, beliefs, and artistic expressions of the indigenous peoples. SIIAF serves as a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation, fostering understanding and respect for the diverse indigenous cultures that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Selangor and the nation as a whole.

Selangor international indigenous arts festival
Photo by

How to Get around Selangor

Selangor has an extensive public transportation network, including buses and trains. The train service connects various towns and cities within the state and beyond, while RapidKL buses operate within major urban areas.

Light Rail Transit (LRT)
  • Line 3, 4 and 5 – The LRT network crisscrosses the city, providing rapid and comfortable transport between key locations. With air-conditioned carriages and frequent services, it is an excellent choice for both tourists and commuters.
KTM Komuter
  • Line 1, 2 and 10 – This is the commuter train network that connects Kuala Lumpur to the surrounding suburbs, making it convenient for those residing in nearby areas.
Airport Rail Link
  • Line 6 and Line 7: Airport Rail Links are specialized train services designed specifically to connect major airports with key locations within the city or surrounding areas. They serve as an alternative to taxis, buses, and other modes of transport, providing a direct and time-efficient route to and from the airport.
Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
  • Line 9 and 12 – The relatively newer MRT system complements the LRT, extending connectivity to other parts of the city and providing easy access to major hubs.
  • Line 8 – KL Line: The iconic Monorail system covers key areas in the city center, allowing for quick transfers and reducing travel time between popular destinations.

Touch ‘n Go CardTouch ‘n Go is a stored-value card that can be used to pay for public transportation in Kuala Lumpur. The card can be purchased at most convenience stores and LRT stations. To use the card, simply tap it on the reader when you enter and exit the station.RM10.00 per card
MyCity PassIt provides unlimited rides on all Rapid KL buses, LRT (Light Rail Transit), MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), and monorail services for a fixed duration.1 Day

3 Day
KL Travel PassYour airport transfer now comes with 2-day unlimited rides on LRT, MRT and Monorail lines. These passes are ideal for residents or long-term visitors who use public transportation daily.KL TravelPass Single RM75.00

KL TravelPass Return RM120.00
Single-Journey TicketsFor occasional travelers, single-journey tickets are available for both Rapid KL and KTM Komuter services. These tickets are valid for one journey and can be purchased at ticket counters or self-service machines.From RM1.00
Intercity Train TicketsFor traveling beyond Selangor, KTM Intercity train tickets allow passengers to reach various destinations across Peninsular Malaysia.
From RM20

Where to Stay at Selangor

Selangor is a vibrant state with various options for accommodation. The best place to stay in Selangor depends on your preferences and the purpose of your visit. Stay at Sunway Lagoon Resort offering a wide range of attractions, entertainment, shopping, dining, and accommodation options that cater to tourists of all ages and interests. One World Hotel located at a popular area for both locals and tourists due to its diverse attractions, shopping centre, recreational activities, and easy excess to transportation network. Ibis PJCC location in Petaling Jaya offers convenient access to various nearby points of interest and attractions

Where to Stay in Selangor


sunway lagoon resort

Sunway Lagoon Resort
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one world hotel

One World Hotel
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What to Take Note when Visiting Selangor

  • Weather: Selangor experiences a tropical climate with warm and humid weather throughout the year. It’s advisable to pack lightweight and breathable clothing, as well as sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Respect Local Customs: Malaysia is a culturally diverse country, and it’s essential to respect local customs and traditions. When visiting religious sites, dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering mosques or temples.
  • Language: Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) is the official language, but English is widely spoken, especially in urban areas. Learning a few basic Malay phrases can be helpful and appreciated by the locals.
  • Currency: The currency used in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). It’s a good idea to carry some cash for small purchases, but credit cards are widely accepted in most establishments.
  • Food Safety: Malaysia is renowned for its diverse and delicious cuisine. While street food is popular and safe to eat, ensure the stalls maintain good hygiene practices. Drinking bottled water is advisable to stay hydrated.
  • Health and Safety: Prior to your trip, check if you need any vaccinations or medications based on your travel plans. Be cautious of mosquitoes, especially in rural areas, to avoid mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of local customs, traditions, and sensitivities. Avoid public displays of affection, particularly in conservative areas, and always ask for permission before taking photos of individuals

Visiting Selangor as a Muslim:
Selangor is a state in Malaysia that is home to a large Muslim population. As a Muslim, you can visit Selangor and enjoy a variety of religious and cultural experiences. You can visit the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, the largest mosque in Malaysia, or the Shah Alam Royal Mosque, which is known for its intricate architecture. You can also visit the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, which houses a collection of Islamic art and artefacts from around the world.

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